TM Racing: novidades para os modelos 2011

4 Stroke
The 250Fi model year 2011 in both MX and EN version will be regularly in production
and delivered by October 2010 with all news that come from GP, in particularly:
- Chill casted head;
- Die-casted ignition cover;
- Die-casted clutch cover;
- New ECU settings.

Also the 450F model will have the Electronic Fuel Injection in all MX, EN and SMX
versions. Only the 530F will remain with carburetor.

2 Stroke
Totally revised the 300cc 2 stroke engine as following:
- New cylinder and head;
- New transfer timing;
- New exhaust timing;
- New Kokusan ignition with an increased power output flywheel magneto, similar
to the Factory bikes, which allows the elimination of additional ACG on all Enduro
models (125, 144, 250 and 300 cc) ;
- New carburetor setting on all 2 stroke models.

Frame / Graphic
- Stickers;
- Skid plate on all MX and EN models;
- New swingarm on all MX, EN and SMX models;
- New chain guide;
- Brembo clutch pump on all MX, EN and SMX models;
- Suspension settings.

Fonte: ACmotos/TM Racing Portugal
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Joel Brito disse…
A nova 300 parace muto boa. Poderá ser a minha proxima escolha.....


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